The World's First Bitcoin WiFi Hotspot

No Refunds – We built the BitcoinWiFi units on a built-to-order basis. When you place an order, the bitcoins are used to order parts to construct your BitcoinWiFi unit. Using a built-to-order method reduces risk for all parties. e.g. BitcoinWiFi, the re-sellers and the buyers.

Limited Customer Support – There will be slow response times to your support questions. We will try to respond to all new support requests, but if you have a follow-up question, there’s a chance we won’t get back to you in appropriate time. In the meantime, please use the BitcoinTalk Forums which are always open for business 24/7 for quick help and information. In fact, if you ever have questions, you probably want to start with these resources. We apologize for this, but we are hard at work building BitcoinWiFi units.

User Friendly – The BitcoinWiFi units are designed much like a consumer wifi router, while it works out of the box with very little configuration it is ultimately geared towards bitcoiners and high end users, as it can handle much more throughput.

Customizable and Open source – The BitcoinWiFi unit can be converted like ltc to lkr and refurbished to an mini-PC by replacing BitcoinWiFi open source firmware with custom firmware.